2021-22 TUITION

*Updates to this year's tuition*

We will no longer be accepting debit or credit cards
as the vast majority of our customers have switched to other payment methods.
We accept Cash, Check or Venmo!

Tuition does NOT include the cost of Recital Costumes.

Costume payments will be due February 1st, 2022 in the form of Check only.
Each class will be emailed at least thirty days before due date with class costume cost.

We do not believe in setting a blanket cost for all costumes as prices vary based on style and age, so this is the fairest way to keep costumes as affordable for everyone as possible!

Payments must be made on a quarterly basis as follows:
Registration, October 15th, January 15th, March 15th.

If payment is not received within 48 hours of the due date, a $10 late fee will be assessed.
Cash or Checks must be brought to the front desk.  Venmo must be sent through the app.

2021-22 tuition copy.jpg
Registration Fee $10 per dancer, non-ref
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