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Brielle Wymbs

Brielle began her training in 2003, at Seven Star School of Performing Arts where she trained in various styles of dance including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Modern. During her years training at Seven Star School, Brielle was invited to join the United States Dance Team competing in Reisa, Germany. She has received many awards over the years including ADA’s Ultimate Challenge Winner Regional Dancer. With her qualification to compete for America’s Dance of the Year she also received multiple convention scholarships.

Brielle chose to advance her hip hop repertoire by attending Brickhouse in Manhattan, NY. There she was invited to join the semi-professional/professional performance program X Generation.

Brielle studied under decorated dancers such as Kelly Peters, Delaney Glazer, Candace Brown and more. In addition to performing with her dance crew X Generation, Brielle has performed as a back up dancer for Latin artist Acosta, in his latest music video “Jabaro”. Brielle has experience working under the renowned choreographers Greg Chapkis, Katy Spreadbury, Mike Minery and more. She is currently teaching at studios across NY and CT with numerous awards for her choreography.

While her ultimate goal is to pursue a professional career, teaching and choreographing is one of her true passions. Brielle is beyond excited to be able to share her passion for dance with her students.


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